Chinese Video Music App “TikTok” Unblocked In Indonesia After Fulfilling Some Specific Requests

Let’s we get a flashback for few weeks ago when the Chinese music video “Tik Tok” had temporarily blocked by the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Indonesia. On Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018, the Ministry of Communication and Information and the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection collaborated to temporarily block the app. Additionally, there is a written statement which is received by the Jakarta Post from the authorities. The letter stated that the ministry had to block “Tik Tok” after contained inappropriate contents including blasphemy, pornography, and other negative videos. According to Samuel A. Pangerapan as the ministry’s Information Application Director General, the popular music video app is temporarily blocked until “Tik Tok” clears and fixes the inappropriate content.

After a week the popular smartphone app to create and share a 15-second music videos which was blocked temporarily, on July 10, 2018 this app was unblocked by the Ministry of Indonesia’s Communication and Information. The authorities said that the developer of Tik Tok has responded and fulfilled most of the requirements needed in order to ensure that the app was in compliance with Indonesia’s internet censorship regulations which leads them to unblock the app in Indonesia. So, what are the requirements given by the ministry to Tik Tok? These following requirements that were approved by the TikTok include fix and clear negative content from the app, improving content filtering and security system using artificial intelligence and moderation, making Community Guidelines specifics to all users in Indonesia, raising the limit minimum users age to 13 years old, hiring 20 content creators in Indonesia and adding more than 200 personal in the end of the year, appointing a special Content Manager to control the quality of the content in Indonesia, providing a path for Indonesia government to report any negative content, promising to open an office business licensing in Indonesia,

Chinese Video Music App “TikTok” Unblocked In Indonesia After Fulfilling Some Specific RequestsAlthough, the last requirement is still in progress, according to the ministry. This last requirement is about to the placement of the button for reporting negative content. The ministry asked the button can be moved to the main page to make it more accessible than before. As the information, previously, the button was located on the content sharing menu, so the button could not easily access by the users. The ministry said that the response was fast, and they “Tik Tok” are really cooperative.

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