Fashion Revolutionary When Asos Created Jumpsuit For Everyone with Wheelchair or Not

There are many reasons why you really fall in love with Asos, right? Asos is one of the reputable online shopping which just launched jumpsuit for everyone which is a wheelchair-friendly. And, when you know the backstory behind the jumpsuit design is amazingly surprising. Additionally, those who live on a wheelchair cannot be worn the jumpsuit as the non-friendly cloths for a person with a wheelchair. This wheelchair jumpsuit labeled as the Asos Design Tie-Dye All-In-One was designed by Paralympic, Chloe Ball-Hopkins and BBC reporter. And, this fashion item comes with all-inclusive design for summer festival. So, it is actually the idea of Ball-Hopkins who want to make the jumpsuit for everyone. Last summer, the BBC reporter was coming to a festival and unluckily, the rains started failing. And, that’s the inspiration come.

She kept her amazing thought for almost one week and only Aosos can understand it can be the part of the team. And, the result of the collaboration between Asos and BBC reporter is named as a snazzy jumpsuit and it can be the one and the first fashion item which can be worn by everyone includes the person with a wheelchair or a person without a wheelchair this jumpsuit cones with great cuff and hoodie and pants and jackets, there is a zipper which let them together and it is waterproof. The material of the jumpsuit uses a soft and jersey-lined. There is also a hem that is quite longer at the back and it sounds it won’t ride up on you. You will find also a zip around the waist which make them wearing more comfortable and easier to get on and off. So, it means that this jacket can be worn separately .

Furthermore, the collaboration between Ball-Hopkins and Asos are going viral. Actually, it is not the first perfect for the band to make an inclusive fashion items for person with a special needs. In fact, Asos also featured an advertisement with models’ who have imperfectness. This spring, Asos as the fashion powerhouse launched new advanced-technology which every size will have a look on different body types. And, there is one viral news that this brand released awesome bikini ads in last summer featuring women with beautiful stretch marks. If you visit the website you will notice a page which declaring their commitment to diversity in fashion including people with disabilities, so everyone does not shame with their body.

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