Friday’s “Blood Moon” Lunar Eclipse Is The Longest Lunar Eclipse in the Century

Most of you may do not know that this year on Friday, Juli 27th, there will be the lunar eclipse known as Blood Moon. The Blood Moon will rise today and people around the world will catch one of the most beautiful nature phenomenon in the world and enjoy the glimpse of it. But, for those who cannot see it, you can catch the lunar eclipse on a live stream. You may have known that this event will be the second Blood Moon which is also known as lunar eclipse of the year.

The second lunar eclipse is recognized as the longest lunar eclipse in the century with a whopping one hour and forty-three minutes. But, when seeing the eclipse, the Moon will actually look dimmer and smaller than usual. It because the moon will be on as far away as it gets from Earth on its orbit, it makes the Moon looks smaller. According to Frederick Walter, a professor of astronomy and physics at Stony Brook University. At the time, the Moon also moves more slowly than usual

Friday’s “Blood Moon” Lunar Eclipse Is The Longest Lunar Eclipse in the CenturyPeople in some regions like much of Europe and Middle East will catch a great view of the eclipse. If you want to check your regions, you can check it on. You will see the Moon will be turning a rusty red that is why this lunar eclipse named as the Blood Moon. During the event, before sunlight can illuminate the Moon, it has to filter through the Earth’s atmosphere. It causes the blue light will actually get scattered out because it bends more than the red light, so the atmosphere that is projected to the Moon is red which delivers the bloody glow effect. Additionally, for those who are in North America will stuck watching the eclipse online, though you will get a prize when looking at the Friday’s night sky of a full moon and a great view of Mars.

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