Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

We are in a day when the longest total lunar eclipse in the century happens. People worldwide will be able to see the historic blood moon on Friday, July 27th 2018 in cities around the world. To make sure that the experience will be amazing, we have list of peak time in some key cities to see the eclipse perfectly. But, you need to keep in mind that folks in North America, though you can keep seeing it online through live streaming platforms like Slooch.

We start from Europe, this region will be able to catch the entire full Blood Moon lunar eclipse apart from the UK. According to, the excellent lunar eclipse map provides regions with a good eclipse visibility. For those who live on Europe will get the better view on July 27th 2018. The areas where you can catch it are Berlin (9.30 PM), Istanbul (10.30 PM), London, Madrid (9.30 PM) Moscow (10.30 PM), Paris, Rome (9.30 PM), as well as Vienna (9.30 PM).

Additionally, folks in Asia and Australia will be able to see this longest Blood Moon lunar eclipse. There are some regions in Asia which are the best place to see it. These places are Beijing (3.30 AM), Delhi (1.00 AM), Dhaka (1.30 AM), Manila (3.00 AM), Mumbai (1.00 AM), Osaka (4.30 AM), Shanghai (3.30 AM), Tokyo (4.30 AM), Sydney (5.30 AM), and Melbourne (5.30 AM).

In addition, Africa will be visible the total lunar eclipse throughout the entire continent. You and will get the greater view in the farther South and East. These places you can go for gazing Blood Moon in Africa including Lagos (8.30 PM), Cairo (9.30 PM), Kinshasa (8.30 PM), Luanda (8.30 PM), Nairobi (10.30 PM), Casablanca (8.30 PM).

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