More Than Hundreds of Missing After Affected By The Laos Dam Collapse

According to the Lao News Agency, the Xepian-Xe Nam Noy hydropower dam in Laos has reportedly collapsed at 8 p.m on Monday Night. It triggers to release of 5 billion cubic meters of water gushed to at least six villages. This collapse of the dam in Laos causes a flash flooding across the northern of Cambodia. And, there are more than hundreds of the people are reportedly missing and at least thousands have been evacuated and left their homes underwater. Flooding washed away more than thousands homes and left at least 6,000 people homeless.

Laotian Prime Minister, Thongloun Sisoulith planned a monthly government meeting in order to monitor and control the relief and rescue efforts for the tragedy. As the first relief for the tragedy, Authorities have made an emergency aid from the public for the victims of the flooding such as food, clothing, medicine and water. As we know that their homes were washed away by the torrent, and they have nothing left. Besides, the Laos National Disaster Prevention and Control Committee had a meeting to discuss the disaster in Laos.

More Than Hundreds of Missing After Affected By The Laos Dam CollapseFrom the discussion, the was planning to make emergency relief funds for Laos. And, it has been already sending emergency relief kits to help 1,000 victims evacuated by the torrent and is providing with rescue and search operations. Additionally, there is no official statements yet about what caused the Laos dam collapse or when the flooding is expected to gush. The broken dam was caused by ongoing heavy rain and heavy monsoon condition in Laos, according to US non-governmental organization International Rivers. In addition, the dam was constructed in February 2013 and the commercial operations expected began in 2018. It costed an estimated $1.02 billion. The South Korean construction, SK Construction Co. as the builder has sent a rescue crew like boats and helicopters to Laos.

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