The Disappearace of Jamal Khashoggi

Jamal Khashoggi is known as one of the journalists from Saudi Arabia. Recently Khashoggi made a stir with the news that disappeared since October 2, 2018. The man who was born October 13, 1958, besides being known as a journalist, also has a job as a writer and former general manager and editor in chief of Al-Arab News Channel. In addition, Khashoggi apparently held control of one newspaper circulating in Saudi Arabia called Al Watan.

The news circulating recently is that Khashoggi has been mutilated in three deaths after being last seen entering the Saudi Arabian Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. This was witnessed by his fiancee named Hatice Cengiz. But this fiance who came with Jamal Khashoggi was seen only waiting outside the consulate complex. This has been proven by CCTV footage available.

However after entering the consulate in Istanbul, apparently the man did not come out either. He disappeared. Seeing this, Cengiz also reported the incident which received a response from the Turkish government which urged the Saudi consulate to show the existence of Khasshoggi.

Khashoggi is known to have left Saudi Arabia since September 2017 after saying that he was arrested by the Saudi Arabian government from Twitter. Then Khashoggi, who held one of the country’s newspapers, wrote an article containing criticism directed against the crown prince of the Saudi Arabian government, Mohammad bin Salman and the King of Saudi Arabia, Salman of Saudi Arabia. On the other hand, Khashoggi also opposed the Saudi Arabian intervention in Yemen.

From the State of Turkey itself revealed that there were several Saudi Arabians who were suspected of having come to their country with the aim of wanting to kill Khashoggi. The evidence circulated is a scanned photo and data from seven of the fifteen alleged killers of Khashoggi.

Quoted from New NBC on Wednesday (10/17/2018), the names and ages of the scanned data are in accordance with those included in all suspects, published last week by Turkish government newspapers, Sabah.

The remaining seven according to Turkish officials are planned to be released soon. The Washington Post, the newspaper where Jamal Khashoggi works as a columnist, is the media that first got all the results of the scan.

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